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Philippe Bardot-Rabello


Strategist - GE





Philippe is a French and Brazilian citizen that was raised in both countries. While still in his teens he became fascinated by the meteoric rise of 3G Capital and its Brazilian founders which conquered the beverage industry through a private equity approach using M&A as a main growth engine. This admiration eventually led him to pursue a bachelor’s in finance after finishing high school with the HIM program playing a huge part in his choice of McGill. In his free time, you can find him reading french literature, philosophy or playing football with his friends.

Professional Experience



Junior Analyst - Global Equities

PineStone Asset Management, Montreal (Summer 2023)

Investment Banking Summer Analyst

National Bank Financial, Montreal (Summer 2022)

VC Investment Associate

Front Row Ventures, Montreal (Fall 2021)

Extracurricular Activities                                    



Senior Associate (Real Assets), Red Point Capital

Analyst, McGill Shareholder Activism Research Group

1st Place (Best Strategy), Défi McKinsey & Co 2021

2023/24: Philippe Bardot-Rabello


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