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Thibault Quelavoine


Senior Analyst




The Hague, NED

Born in the Netherlands, Thibault went to the French school in the Hague, where he completed a French Baccalaureate with Option Internationale (OIB). Eager to learn more about Finance, Thibault developed a keen interest for Capital Markets and their fast-paced, quantitative-based nature. Outside of the classroom, Thibault can be found playing tennis or planning his next surf trip. He is insistent that the lack of surfing options in Montreal does not affect him, although his friends suspect a form of denial.

Professional Experience



Intern Analyst

PSP Infrastructure Investments, Montreal (Incoming Summer 2024)

Strategy Consultant Intern

Monitor Deloitte, Montreal (Summer 2023)

Business Analyst

Danone Global Environmental Markets and Strategy, Paris (Summer 2022)

Extracurricular Activities                                    



Engagement Manager, JED Consulting

Co-President, McGill Ventures

2023/24: Thibault Quelavoine


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