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Global Equity Fund

Investment Style


The fund invests mainly in high quality equities in North America. Investment decisions are based primarily on rigorous bottom-up fundamental analysis of individual companies. Top-down macro analysis may also be used to determine sector and country allocations.


Fund Details


  • Manager: Desautels Capital Management Inc.

  • Custodian: CIBC Mellon

  • Legal Advisor: Border Ladner Gervais LLP

  • Fund Auditor: Deloitte LLP

  • Inception Date: January 2010

  • Minimum Investment: $50,000

  • Liquidity: Every Friday on 30 days' notice

  • Benchmark: 60% S&P TSX,40% S&P500 in CAD

  • Management Fee: 1.5% per annum

  • Investment Objective: Exceed benchmark return by 150 basis points, net of fees, per year, as measured over a four-year rolling period

  • Target Number of Securities: 30 - 60

  • Maximum in Emerging Markets: 10%

  • Maximum per Individual Stock: 10%

  • Maximum in Cash and Cash Equivalents: 10%

  • Minimum in Equities: 90%

  • Maximum Exposure to Derivatives: The Fund may only use derivatives for hedging purposes

  • Leverage: The use of leverage is not permitted

Our Sectors:

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