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Our HIM Alumni Council is comprised of distinguished professionals who offer guidance to the HIM program. Comprising alumni with extensive experience in the field, the council plays a crucial role in advising on program development and ensuring its relevance to industry needs. Through collaborative efforts, the council helps shape the direction of the HIM program, ensuring that students benefit from the latest industry insights. This active involvement fosters a strong connection between alumni and current students, creating a supportive network within the HIM community.

HIM Alumni Council

Max Adelson


Portfolio Manager,

Fidelity Investments

Thomas Boucher-Charest


Associate, Alternative Investments,

PSP Investments

Antonino Piazza



McKinsey & Company

Victoire Gekas


Manager of Strategy,

Dialogue Technologies

Colton Dick



Oak Hill Advisors

Julien Seguin


Investment Banking Analyst,

National Bank Financial

Meagan Prins


Head of Strategy,


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